1. The Brand

    Founded 2011

    ZOE ONA stands for original and urban fashion, unadulterated passion for everyday life. True beauty in unconventional looks. Fashion that stands out from the crowd and yet still blends in harmoniously and feels natural – because it is. ZOE ONA revives old traditions and values in the context of a new age, combining an appetite for innovation with the desire for permanence. It is a specific way of understanding fashion that not only has an external focus, but also looks within. Basic elements such as fine wools, furs and fabrics are tantalizing to the touch, lending these pieces a quality at once traditional and timeless. Near-forgotten handicraft techniques can literally be felt. Unusual forms, patterns and materials from a range of cultures come together to create a new, signature style.
    ZOE ONA is fashion that captures all that is original between two worlds. Fashion you can feel and understand. Fashion for now. ZOE ONA was founded by Andrada Ona, who was born in Romania and lives today in Cologne. Her perspective on fashion developed from a life lived in-between entirely different cultures and roles. For her, sustainability is not a new challenge but a lived experience. For her, perfection and intuition are not opposites but mutually dependent principles. She spent many years honing her design concept before founding her own label in 2010, leaving behind her career as a doctor. Ona is a mother of two; her brand is named after her daughter Zoe. ZOE ONA is currently available in over 70 exclusive designer stores in Germany and Austria. The trade journal “Textilwirtschaft” named ZOE ONA the “Label to Watch” for the year 2013.

    the designer
    Zoe Ona HR
  2. The Designer

    Andrada Ona

    Andrada Ona’s life as a designer and head of the brand ZOE ONA is her second career and the third world in which she has made a home for herself. After giving up the medicine background in 2011, she decided to pursue her fascination with fashion and to realise her brand concept ZOE ONA. She describes herself as a „fashion maven“ who has always dreamed of seeing her own style reproduced, but also as a „realist by training” who has learned from the challenges of her career thus far that careful planning is crucial for seeing ambitious ideas succeed. Her demand for quality comes from knowing that achieving the desired results is always a matter of getting the details right.

    „I make decisions intuitively. But intuition comes from our past experiences. It helps me to be open to the unknown, the strange, knowing that my ideas are grounded in a secure foundation. For me, fashion is trusting yourself. In the best sense, a feeling of confidence that gives you the strength to approach the world with an open mind.“

    For Andrada Ona, life in-between different worlds is all part of the daily routine. Stylistically and emotionally she moves between East and West, between the rationality of the natural sciences and the empathetic nature of the design world. And between a longing for security and the need for a free and easy approach to life. Her path to becoming a designer was thus not the classic one, starting with studying design, but an unconventional route all her own, shaped by a life in different systems and traditions.

    Similar to her life as a designer, which she considers her „third” life, following that as a doctor, her „first life” was also rich in contrasts. Ona grew up in a family of doctors in Communist-era Romania. Dealing with scarcity was a daily challenge, but also using materials and fabrication methods predating mass industrialisation. Sustainability is therefore not a new challenge for her, but a lived experience. Her life and successful career in the modern-day West have never been overshadowed by nostalgia for the East and the supposed good old times. And yet her perspective is enhanced by the abilities she acquired in Romania – to feel out what is exceptional and to work wonders using simple means.

    „You can only enjoy something special if you know it’s special. Fashion is therefore also a reflection of where we come from.“

    Andrada Ona has made it her mission as a designer to combine the best of the worlds she knows. She shares the desire of independent women living in Western cities for something original and real. And she is driven by confidence in an age-old tradition so secure in itself that it feels free to seek out all that is exciting, new and possible.

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    ZOE ONA proudly presents


    ZOE ONA Autumn/Winter 2013/14
    @ MERCEDES-BENZ Fashion Week Berlin,
    Friday, January 18th 2013


    Internship at Zoe Ona

    An internship is available at ZOE ONA starting January 2013. We offer the chance to gather experience, travel, and work in a friendly atmosphere. Just contact us if you’re interested. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

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